Kromkommer is on a mission: creating a world without food waste. Between 5-10 percent of all vegetables and fruits are thrown away because of their looks. Customers supposedly aren’t interested in buying these not-completely perfect looking vegetables. But they taste just fine!  Kromkommer wants to reduce food waste within the Dutch food chain, and they do so by collecting these ‘odd looking” fruit and vegetables and turning them into delicious soups. Apart from making soup, they also organize events where customers can buy (or perhaps ‘save’ is more appropriate) wonky vegetables and fruits, which would have otherwise been thrown away.

We were only just starting our careers as filmmakers, but we wanted to contribute to Kromkommer’s mission. After contacting them, we made a whole series of videos in which we take the viewer through the whole supply chain of Dutch vegetables and fruits. At each location we were looking for the different ways they create, reduce or handle waste. Read more about it here (in Dutch).

The introduction

The first vlog

The second vlog

The third vlog

The fourth vlog

The fifth vlog

The sixth vlog

The seventh vlog

The eighth vlog

Kromkommer in conversation with Tristram Stuart

Apart from these vlogs we also occasionally make short clips from their events, we have listed a couple below:



On november 8th 2014 Kromkommer, together with Rechtstreex (a Rotterdam based company offering local products), organised the event ‘Bijna Waste Geweest Feest’. They offered farmers the opportunity to sell their vegetables that were ‘0ddly-shaped’, which would otherwise have been thrown away.

We were there, and we made a small compilation clip ! You can watch it by clicking on the link below:

‘Bijna Waste Geweest Feest’ – Kromkommer 8 november 2014

The Bijna Waste Geweest Feest 2 in 2015:

Our favorite: the one and only Kromkommer Gekke Groente Museum at Mysteryland in 2015: