Fossil Free

Fossil Free UvA & HvA

Fossil Free UvA&HvA is a grass-roots student-organisation that tries to raise awareness about climate change. Sadly the intuition money students pay is now placed in a bank that invests in the fossil fuel industry. Universities prepare students for the future; so logically the UvA and Hva should protect the future of its students by divesting from the fossil fuel industry.

Both institutions claim they highly value sustainability. Association with fossil fuel contradicts the image of the universities, and the role of the institution as an exemplary public figure. Continuing investments in fossil fuels will prove disastrous to the environment and our planet as a whole. Furthermore, financial risks inherent in such investments are structurally underestimated.

It is because of all those reasons that the Fossil Free UvA&HvA movement wants the universities
to divest from fossil fuels.

We made a short stop-motion clip to inform students about what happens with the intuition money they pay.